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Pet Hair Cleaning

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Pet Hair Cleaning

Dogs and especially cats shed hair all the time. Unless the shedding is excessive, you probably won’t notice it until you start seeing hairs stuck inside the carpet pile. What’s the solution?Pet Hair Cleaning in California

Carpet Cleaning

The process involves collecting all hair stuck inside the pile no matter how deep it may be. This is possible with the use of special techniques and tools for deep cleaning. All sections of the carpet are covered. It is important to make as many passes as necessary to get rid of all the hair. Moving slowly in the direction of the pile is one of the main requirements for success. While using a sticky brush can help with picking up hair which has just been shed, deep cleaning eliminates pet hair, dandruff and stains.

Rug Cleaning

Most area rugs are more delicate than carpets. That is why they require more attentive cleaning. The collection of pet hair is the primary step. The equipment used must not pick up fibers. This is crucial especially with plush items like wool rugs. The fringe requires extra care. Deep cleaning will remove all other traces left by pets plus regular dust and dirt. With proper room ventilation, drying will be very quick.

Sofa Cleaning

It’s common for pets to rest on the sofa, especially during the cold months of the year. That is why upholstered furniture requires proper cleaning too. The sofa and all other pieces of furniture should be cleaned from top to bottom. It is crucial not to miss the tight spots as hair usually finds its way to them very quickly. Removing the cushions and cleaning them from all sides is also essential. This will help to eliminate dandruff too. Which tools and materials should be used for the job? This depends on the requirements of the upholstered furniture’s manufacturer.

For thorough pet hair cleaning, count on our team. We remove pet hair, dirt and stains from carpet, upholstery and all types of rugs. Our company, “Carpet Cleaning Huntington Park”, has powerful yet safe techniques, tools and products for delivering exceptional results. Call us or send a message to use our services. Browse our website to learn more about them.

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