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Below you can find the best carpet cleaning answers to the most common questions!

Professional consultations cost a lot these days, but our FAQ page is readily available! Our company believes that providing substantive and professional information will create a better living. Written by carpet cleaning experts, you will surely find these answers useful!

How often should my carpets be cleaned?

According to the experts at Carpet Cleaning Huntington Park, carpets must be properly and systematically cleaned at least once a year. For the rest of the year, the homeowner should clean the carpet on a regular basis to avoid dust and mold build up. Allowing these forms of build up on your carpet will only reduce its shelf life and overall appearance while also putting you and your family’s health at risk.

How long does it take before my carpets dry?

Drying time of carpets may vary depending on many conditions such as the weather, the thickness of your carpet, how much soil was removed and how much water was used throughout the whole cleaning process. Most of the time, it takes six to eight hours before the carpet and upholstery completely dries up. After this, your carpet will be good to walk on and be used again.

How much time do we expect for the carpet to dry up?

In general, carpets dry to a level in which they are already usable within six to eight hours. This is the typical drying time on a sunny day, when the air is not damp. More time is required when the air is humid. We recommend wet carpet cleaning only when the weather allows it.

Is it okay to perform 'do-it-yourself' carpet cleaning?

Our Huntington Park-based carpet cleaning specialists are not against do-it-yourself cleaning. However, this is only in the case of very small stains. You must follow a few simple guidelines. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully at all times .Be sure to use cleaning solutions that are acceptable to your carpet, and for more complex cleaning solutions – consult our professionals.

How often should I vacuum my carpet?

Vacuuming is always good for the carpet, so there is no such thing as vacuuming too much. While professional servicing should be done at least annually, vacuuming could be done as often as weekly or biweekly. There is no harm from keeping your carpet dust-free. In fact, our experts highly recommend this.

Are carpet cleaning products used by cleaning companies safe?

Yes. Since carpets are typically found at home or in the office, carpet cleaners make it a point to use products that are not harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. Eco friendly carpet cleaning products are now commonly used by many carpet cleaners.

Can tobacco smoke damage upholstery?

The smoke will make upholstery much darker. If the fabric is lighter in color, it will get a strange dark green shade. The tobacco particles will produce a bad odor which is quite unpleasant. Unless upholstery receives deep cleaning regularly, the particles may eventually damage the fibers. You should also clean the fabric with damp towel weekly or at least once every two weeks.

Why does the grout appear dirtier than the tiles?

Both materials are porous and tend to accumulate a good amount of dirt. Grout is typically lighter in color and this makes it look dirtier. Besides, when it interacts with certain chemical compounds, it gets darker. The good news is that both tile and grout can be cleaned effectively.

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