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Green Homes with Carpet Cleaning Eco-Products

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The secret of perfectly healthy and clean homes is to combine great methods with ecofriendly products. It is not a coincidence that housewives at older ages used home and often natural ingredients to create solutions for carpet cleaning and, as an overall, for housecleaning. Stronger detergents were introduced much later when the need to find ready solutions was important since there was limited time for housework and great plethora of different sofa fabrics and carpet piles and people wanted fast answers to stain removal. The recent common effort to minimize hazardous substances and chemicals in order to protect the environment made us more conscious about our health, too.Green Homes with Carpet Cleaning Eco-Products

Best green carpet cleaning methods

Chemicals produce fumes, which are harmful to our health and as medicine develops, doctors alarmed people about the consequences of breathing hazardous substances indoors. At the same time, we started considering the future of our children and the thought that we could save the planet just by using natural products for rug cleaning sounded easy. It is effective indeed and our grandmothers had taught us so with their spotless homes. Where did you think we all learned about the best methods to clean spots from oil or chocolate! Suddenly, carpet stain removal became an easy procedure.

It is not coincidental that most recipes for carpet maintenance would include vinegar. It is actually a powerful and very effective product, which is ideal for disinfection. It would instantly kill the germs and when it is mixed with some dish liquid, its effective power will be reinforced. The mixture of dish liquid and vinegar in water will also be ideal for tile cleaning, too. In this case, you could also add a few drops of essential oil to give a pleasant fragrance to the house.

Baking soda is also ideal for cleaning the carpets and pet stain & odor removal. The specialists of Carpet Cleaning Huntington Park would recommend stronger detergents in case of stubborn stains but then again when you treat carpets often, they will be clean. Most importantly, eco-products will keep your whole house fresh and healthy.

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